Swirling Megabits can provide information, tools, and advice to help businesses realize their potential on the World Wide Web. If you've always wanted your business to be online. Now you can!
Whether you're new to e-commerce or want more from your current site, check out our online services. Just select the service that's right for you. Whether you are establishing a Web presence or upgrading, we have a range of Web hosting plans, tools, and services that will grow with you.
Domain Name Registrations
Create your online identity. Select a domain name that can help to reflect what your business can offer.

Web Hosting Services
Get your business online today. We can help you find the Web Hosting plan that provides you with the features, storage, and bandwidth that you need.
E-commerce Technology
Want to start selling online? We can help you set up an electronic storefront to list your e-commerce offerings and process transactions. Our easy store creator software comes free with all business level hosting plans.
Search Engine Optimization and Submissions
Most search-engine listings are free, but it takes careful planning and constant attention to make them work for you. Use your Swirling Megabits admin panel to promote your business, optimize your pages, and submit your website to major search engines for free.
Web Site Tracking Analysis
Visitors to your website leave behind valuable data for you to evaluate. Which pages are attracting the most attention and likely to increase Web traffic? What search phrases are leading visitors to your site? What pages are not getting traffic? The answers can be found with our free Web-Stats analysis tool that is designed to increase Web traffic.
Phone and Email Support Service
Setting up and maintaining an online business can be a task from time to time, but Swirling Megabits Phone Support ensures that the help you need is only a phone call or email away.
Website Design
Our Professional Web Site Designers eagerly help businesses and individual clients all over the World to establish or maintain a professional Internet presence. Swirling Megabits strives to create professional web site designs that will effectively promote our clients products and services to their target audience. Our eye-catching and professional web site designs give the small business owner the power to compete with big businesses.
Macromedia Flash Programming
Flash can be used to bring static web sites to life by adding interactivity to static web pages. Common uses for Macromedia Flash are website introductions which are called flash intros, animated buttons, animated navigational menus and animated advertisements on web pages. 
Advanced Web Site and Database Programming
Swirling Megabits has an experienced team of web development and usability specialists. We have been working the web since 1994. We know and understand how to make your website work for your visitors and your business. We develop profit-driven web applications using PHP, Perl, CGI, Mysql Databases, and Javascript.
Windows Software Development
Swirling Megabits offers reliable and cost-effective solutions for developing high-quality applications and database programs. The company combines proven software development methodologies and a deep understanding of business processes to provide high-quality services in building custom windows applications. Our windows programmers have many years of experience in developing Microsoft Windows applications on several platforms and languages. We use our knowledge of most major software technologies to help you choose the best platform for your application. We have proven expertise in creating world-class software applications of the highest standard.
Swirling Megabits can provide your business with tools, support, web programming, desktop programming, web site design, database management, and more. Whatever your needs and goals are, we can help your online businesses realize it's potential!

Please call or email today for a free, friendly quote. 
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